One last word on 'bullying'...

As someone who has been bullied- at home, school, and even as an adult in various workplaces, I think bullying and bullies are abhorrent.  I have, over the years, dealt with bullies different ways and one lesson I have learned is that you NEVER fight bullying by becoming a bully because that makes you no better than the original bully.  Two wrongs NEVER make a right, no matter how much you want to fight fire with fire, there are many situations where that will not work and bullying is one of them.


I guess this makes me a 'Proud Dawidiot' (sorry Mr. Piaskowski, this isn't my term- you can find this garbage here: ).  


And why might you ask?  I can boil it down to this paragraph taken from the blog link above-  


Well Anna, STGRB doesn't put people on their list willy-nilly. You had to have done something that led them to do so. Something you thought they would never catch. But even if it were because you associate with the likes of the bullies, that alone is good enough for me. You and your friends do it to authors, so why can't we pay the favor back? If you and your friends see an author who happens to like another author who is on your shit list, (book shelf) you and your friends attack that innocent author and their books. Dare I say it? ..... Welcome to the REAL world? 


Two wrongs do not make a right and I will NEVER support anyone who feels the answer to bullies is bullying them in return... I've tried that, I've demeaned myself and gone down that road in trying to find a way to deal with bullies, but I grew up.


If that brings down the wrath of any immature person who feels the only way to deal with a bully is to bully them in return, so be it.