Import, Cleanup, and Various Ramblings

I imported my GoodReads- an easy task and it was completed quickly, thank you BookLikes :)


I cleaned out my 'want to read' shelf- it was overwhelming and I am going to try to keep it manageable, but there are so many interesting books out there!


Have a tentative shelving system:


  • Autobiography/Biography
  • Did Not Finish- Various Reasons
  • highly-recommended
  • Historical Fiction
  • Historical Non-Fiction
  • Horror
  • Interesting- Might Read
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Non-Fiction
  • Rated 'Solid Read'
  • Rated 'Do Not Recommend'
  • Rated 'For Genre Lovers Only'
  • Rated 'Highly Recommended'
  • re-reading
  • Setting Aside- Various Reasons
  • Speculative Fiction
  • YA Not Recommended
  • YA Recommended


I think the shelves are pretty self-explanatory.  Anything set in a shelf that has 'various reasons' in it, will get a post that lists the reasons, but since it is a book that I have not completed, I will not technically review the book or assign it any stars.  And I just noticed there are two 'highly recommended' options, I'll fix that later... as always, this is a work in progress :)


For the books that I imported from GoodReads, I am going to leave the ratings alone for the moment, but I from here on out (and I might go back and adjust others), the following is my criteria for stars:


5 Stars- Near impossible to receive, reserved for the creme de la creme...

4 Stars- Also given sparingly- this book is near perfection on all levels.

3 Stars- Good book, solid read, worth buying, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

2 Stars- Okay, but poor plot/characterization/editing/writing.  Personally didn't feel it was worth the money I paid for it.

1 Star-  Fails on many levels, does not meet any expectations of quality, sorry I wasted the time reading and any money in purchasing.


The stars have nothing to do with the author as a person.  It has to do with the quality of their work.  There is a difference.  I feel pity and shame for the author who does not see a difference and I feel ashamed of and sorry for any reviewer who uses stars (or shelves) to rate an author on the personal level.


I like the fact that BookLikes allows 'half' stars... I think that the addition of half a star to any review is self-explanatory based on my system of assigning stars.


I will never sell stars or reviews- if I am asked to review, I will give an honest review, which everyone should keep in mind, although partially based on technical aspects of writing, all reviews are someone's opinion.  Take them as such, as an author it will save you potential heartache and trouble.


In addition to this site, my personal book review/blog, I am also the owner of Dragonfly Reads... due to some technical issues with a hosting company it might not be available (and to be honest it is just getting off the ground).  Dragonfly Reads is a book review blog for independently published novels and novellas... I will talk more about this later.


Stay tuned for more...