The Templars: History & Myth - Michael Haag If you are new to Templar history, if you've just become fascinated by them and are looking for a good starter book, then I highly recommend. If you know a bit about them already, then this might come across as just a simple rehashing of facts you probably already know. A rehashing that might be great for a high school kid, but leaves an adult wanting more.

I gave it three stars because I've read other books on the Templars and the crusades and while this was decent, I've already been exposed to it and it offered nothing new and the format, as I mentioned above, a bit young. Nothing wrong with that, but not what I was hoping for.

Like I said though, if you are new to this interest, if you are looking for some actual fact instead of holding up Dan Brown's books as true facts, please give this book a read. It is a good starting place.