The Mammoth Book of Cover-Ups: The 100 Most Terrifying Conspiracies of All Time - Jon E. Lewis, Emma Daffern I will state that I did not read the WHOLE thing. I read the first ten or so 'conspiracies' and then flipped through the rest and read the conspiracy pages that interested me or caught my attention. All in all, probably read a little over half of the book.

It was interesting. It isn't going to be a 'go to' source for any of the conspiracies- each one got a few pages where it was talked about and then rated as to whether it was legend or could be true. It was interesting. Something to flip through when you have nothing else to do, but there are far better sources out there if you are looking to read about certain conspiracy theories. I'd call this a coffee table book- you know the kind that sits on a coffee table and collects dust.