Eruption - Harry Turtledove What a disappointment. I gave it three stars but only because I love Harry Turtledove and he usually produces awesome characters and tales... was this one ghostwritten for him? I'd hate to think he would stoop to using a ghostwriter like that but I also hate to think that this is actually his work.

So disappointing.

Please, Mr. Turtledove, don't put out a piece of crap like this again. You make my top five list of favorite authors but if you put out more stuff like this... I'd have to demote you.

For anyone looking to get into Turtledove's work, don't read this. Or at least don't use it as a marker of his worth. Check out In the Presence of Mine Enemies or even Guns of the South or his In the Balance series.

As I was writing this, I changed my mind. It gets two stars. Again, only because of my love and admiration of Turtledove's past works and his current The War That Came Early series.