Good-bye GoodReads

I came to BookLikes to escape the immature bullshit and drama over at GoodReads.  Good on GoodReads for cracking down, but too little, too late.  There are authors who need to grow a thicker skin, but there are many reviewers who need to grow up and focus on the quality (or lack there of) of the book in their hands, not turn on the author and label shelves that call for violence against them.  It is like watching bad high school drama.  Sadly amusing, but more sad than amusing, especially when you consider that some of these reviewers and authors are educated adults.


Look... for an example here...  I don't much care for Orson Scott Card's stance on homosexuality and marriage, but I will give credit where credit is due, he is an amazingly talented writer. I'll read his work.  I won't pay for it, nor will I pay to see the recent movie, but I will still read his novels and I will eventually watch the movie.  What I won't do is make a bunch of immature and inane bookshelves titled "badly-behaving-author-avoid-Cards-work", or "homophobic-fucktard-do-not-read" and put his novels in there.  


I pity people who do things like that.  It must be sad to be them, so in need of the attention and approval.  Ah well, I wish them the best.