A meme...

I am doing this ten day meme over on my LJ account and today's entry turned out to have a surprising theme.  I will clarify that I have found some GREAT authors via KDP, so do not take offense.  This was my entry for the day-


Day 3 - Eight things that annoy you

  • When my Kindle resets and it screws up my carousel.
  • When Amazon tries to cancel my Kindle Unlimited subscription a few days prior to billing for the new month and I have to deal with customer service.
  • Customer service.
  • Review requests from authors who do not pay attention to my explicit list of what I will and will not read.
  • KDP authors who label their offerings 'books' and 'novels' when they are serials.
  • KDP authors who feel it is reader's responsibility to provide feedback and instruction so that they can become better authors.
  • KDP authors who think it is okay to put out a piece of crap because they couldn't afford an editor, but as soon as their crap sells, they might consider editing and re-releasing.
  • Fuck... MOST KDP authors.