Kindle Unlimited Kerfuffle

This is my opinion, my experience with (as a user not author) and my take on KU.  


Hearing some kerfuffle over Kindle Unlimited. As a consumer I have had my issues. Twice, they have attempted to say that I did not pay and canceled my access- I had bank statements to prove that I did pay.  To give them credit, they reinstated access immediately- but you have to watch them. I have to laugh though, when I see indie authors complaining that they were not getting paid. If someone takes your novel offered through Kindle Unlimited and reads at least past 10%, the author earns $1.39. Not much perhaps, but if the author puts out quality work, I will see what else they have to offer and I won't hesitate to pay $2.99 to $4.99 for their work.  Through Amazon, they will get 70% of that total.


I guess the issue here is the asshats that throw together an unedited piece of shit and then think they are 'OMG- THE BESTEST AUTHOR EVER'... when in reality I read a couple pages, far less than 10%, and remove their book and place them on my authors to avoid list.