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I don't have the courage to ask the author from the other day for context, so I wrote this Facebook post:


If you have experienced abuse on Goodreads or Amazon, please report the abuse to Goodreads, Amazon, or relevant police forces. DO NOT TURN TO THE GROUP THAT MS. RICE RECOMMENDS. That website claims to be "anti-bully", but has a history of doxxing people. - a REAL anti-bullying organisation - does NOT endorse the doxxing site. This is the site I talked about the other day ( & ).

Please be careful out there, authors. Be wary of Ms. Rice's advice, and that of anyone else who supports/recommends that website. Always do your own research, from a wide variety of sources. (The doxxing site logs ISP addresses, which may be used to doxx you, so if you're going to visit that site use a good-quality ISP-hider.)

NOTE: If you link to the "anti-bullying"/doxxing site without context, readers may jump to conclusions. Including just one sentence of context (stating whether or not you approve of the site) will prevent misconceptions about where you stand.

EVERYONE deserves to be safe from abuse. Doxxing is a form of abuse, and NO ONE deserves that. That the doxxing is done by a so-called "anti-bullying" website is hypocrisy, and dangerously misleading.

(Also, reading reviews on Goodreads and Amazon is NOT mandatory. If reading reviews is having a negative effect on you, STOP, for your own wellbeing.)

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