Review- Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Prince Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice

To be honest, I will state at the beginning I have no respect for Anne Rice as a person. She supports bullies. That said, in my younger years, the Vampire Chronicles were great companions and I couldn't resist checking back in to see some old favorite characters.

I found the same issue here as I did in her budding werewolf series... I loved The Wolf Gift, but the second book turned into nothing more than rambling and less a place for the characters than Anne Rice herself. This woman seriously needs a team of editors to keep her on track with the story itself, but that leads us back to her personality- she feels she is above that.

Don't waste your time and money... if, like me, you have to waste your time, do like I did, grab a tossed copy from a resale bin or a giveaway bin, or go to your library.